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Excessive Sweating

We understand that excessive sweating can be both inconvenient and embarrassing. At Evergreen, we offer effective treatments to manage and reduce excessive sweating, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in any situation.

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Targeting excessive sweating at its root

Excessive sweating can be challenging to manage and products like antiperspirants and deodorants can only do so much. Neuromodulator treatments can be used to reduce excessive sweating in the axilla, palms, and soles of the feet by blocking the nerve signal that is responsible for sweat production.


Treatments for excessive sweating at Evergreen

Our treatment plans begin with a thorough consultation, during which our physicians and nurses learn more about you and craft the perfect bespoke plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Below, find our treatments specifically designed to combat excessive sweating.

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Have questions about our excessive sweating treatments? Come see us for a consultation to discuss your goals and concerns. We’ll develop a personalized treatment plan to help you look and feel your best.

The Evergreen approach to excessive sweating

Instead of relying on deodorants or harsh antiperspirants to cover up excessive sweating, we use neuromodulator treatments to address the root cause. A single treatment can reduce excessive sweating for up to nine to 12 months.

Imagine not having to worry about sweating through your shirts or giving someone a sweaty handshake. Put your best self forward with confidence.

Achieve confidence with treatments for excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can affect people of all ages and significantly impact confidence. Strong antiperspirants can also be very irritating to the skin. Neuromodulators offer a fantastic, long-lasting alternative solution, providing relief without irritation.


Have more questions about excessive sweating treatments and don’t know where to start? A consultation with our team of experts can help. In the meantime, here are some commonly asked questions.

Will treating my underarm sweating impact my body’s ability to regulate heat?

No, treating the underarms for sweating has very little if any impact at all on your body’s ability to thermoregulate. It is a safe treatment that gives amazing results. This is a patient favourite!

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