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A woman receiving an injection treatment in her chin. There is a pair of hands wearing black medical gloves holding a syringe to her face.

Belkyra™ Fat Dissolving

Belkyra™ (known as Kybella™ in the US) is an injectable medication that targets and permanently destroys fat cells. Transform your profile by treating stubborn under-chin fat with Belkyra™.

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Belkyra™ can help you melt away stubborn fat

Belkyra™ is primarily used to treat the stubborn under-chin pocket of fat known as the double-chin (known medically as the sub-mental fat). Unless patients gain weight for other reasons, the results of Belkrya™ are permanent. Depending on individual patient anatomy and treatment goals, Belkyra™ is administered in one to three treatment sessions.

Our Process

What to expect at your Belkyra™ appointment

Led by physician team Dr. Robert Dale and Dr. Supreet Maan, every treatment offered at Evergreen MD is carefully planned and backed by the latest medical research.

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Permanent reduction of stubborn fat

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Length of procedure

45 minutes

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Duration of results

Permanent, unless patients gain weight for other reasons

Dr. Robert Dale providing an injection treatment to a woman in her chin. The Evergreen MD logo is in the background

The benefits of Belkyra™ include:

  • Reduced chin fat
  • No scarring
  • Permanent results


Have more questions about Belkyra™ Fat Dissolving and don’t know where to start? A consultation with our team of experts can help. In the meantime, here are some commonly asked questions.

How long does it take to see results?

After Belkyra™ Fat Dissolving treatment, as the body’s natural processes take effect, many patients typically start noticing results within six to eight weeks. It’s an exciting phase where the effects gradually become more apparent, marking the journey toward your desired outcome. Rest assured, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

What can I expect during the process?

At Evergreen, injection lipolysis treatments are conveniently performed in the office, usually within a 45 minute appointment. To ensure your comfort, we apply a topical numbing cream and use ice to minimize discomfort during the injections. Our fine needles further help to enhance your comfort throughout the procedure. During your consultation, we take the time to address all your questions and concerns, tailoring the experience to your needs.

Not sure where to begin?

Our staff has the experience and knowledge to provide you with transparent and personalized answers about Belkyra™.

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