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Facial Sagging

Over time, the skin loses elasticity and volume, leading to drooping, jowls, and eye bags. We can help you restore your youthful appearance and get back to feeling like yourself again.

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We understand that it takes more than just filling a fold to address aging

Facial sagging is the culmination of a few different naturally occurring aging processes. As medical professionals and experts in aesthetics, we are able to help address the underlying structural issues to treat sagging facial features. We use an advanced combination of injectable treatments, expertly placed throughout the face, to give you natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Treatments for facial sagging at Evergreen MD Aesthetics

Our treatment plans begin with a thorough consultation, during which our physicians and nurses learn more about you and craft the perfect bespoke plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Below, find our treatments specifically designed to combat facial sagging.

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Have questions about our facial sagging treatments? Come see us for a consultation to discuss your goals and concerns. We’ll develop a personalized treatment plan to help you look and feel your best.

The Evergreen approach to treating facial sagging

As we age, our faces begin to lose underlying bone structure, some of our facial fat pads deplete, and our skin quality degrades. The combination of these processes results in us feeling more “saggy.” Often, patients pull their faces back and remark on how they used to look.

Our advanced understanding of facial anatomy and the physiological process of aging allows us to create customized treatment plans that will leave you feeling more lifted, more contoured, and less saggy.

We treat multiple areas of aging with the overall result of making you look more refreshed and lifted. This advanced injectable methodology can provide remarkable results, sometimes even matching surgical outcomes.

While we treat the face holistically, our goal is always natural results. Our bespoke plans help you look like yourself, just younger.

Facial sagging

Sagging skin can impact our self-esteem. At Evergreen, our mission is to help you feel vibrant and confident. Our advanced holistic approach to injectable treatments provides natural, impactful, and long-lasting results.

Aging affects multiple areas of the face, not just one. We target these age-related changes comprehensively to deliver dramatic results while ensuring you still look like yourself.

Explore medically-validated, cutting-edge products to help combat facial sagging

We’ve curated a collection of the market’s most effective products to combat and prevent facial sagging based on clinical research and evidence. A medical-grade skincare routine is a great place to start in combatting facial sagging.


Have more questions about facial sagging treatments and don’t know where to start? A consultation with our team of experts can help. In the meantime, here are some commonly asked questions.

Will I look overdone? Will I look fake?

No. Our treatments are typically more advanced than average, and our results are exceptional. Using expert knowledge of anatomy and the facial aging process we are able to craft treatments that give you remarkable results while still looking completely natural.

How long will my results last?

Depending on your treatment plan and products used our patients can expect to see results anywhere from 1.5-2+ years.

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